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Surgical Weight Loss Programs at Northwestern Medicine Delnor and Central DuPage Hospitals Earn Coveted National Accreditation

Calories in, calories out -- if weight loss was really that simple, everyone would be the ideal weight. However, with over 70% if the U.S. population considered overweight or obese, it is obvious weight loss is a complicated issue. The Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery programs at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital are tackling obesity with a multifaceted approach.

“Weight gain may be influenced by many factors, including genetics, lifestyle, emotions, mental health and physical limitations,” says Matthew R. Pittman, MD, medical director of Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital. “The key to long-term success is a comprehensive program and life-long follow-up with a weight-loss professional.”

Following a rigorous peer review, the programs at Delnor Hospital and Central DuPage Hospital both recently earned national accreditation as Comprehensive Centers under the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP®). Additionally, Central DuPage Hospital received accreditation for its adolescent bariatric program for teens and young adults struggling with severe obesity — one of only a few adolescent centers in Illinois.

“For those with a genetic predisposition toward obesity, our western lifestyle of high-calorie restaurant prepared meals is a two-punch. Combine that with a more sedentary lifestyle and weight gain becomes a loop that is very hard to break,” says Dr. Pittman. “Bariatric surgery and weight loss medications are tools to jump-start rapid weight loss, but patients absolutely have to make a life-long commitment to a healthy diet and routine exercise.”

The Northwestern Medicine programs offer numerous resources for behavior modification and ongoing motivation, including medically supervised classes, support groups, meal plans, individually designed exercise programs, mental health services and yearly medical visits.

David O. Woodard, MD, metabolic and bariatric surgery director at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, says it can be challenging for patients to adopt new healthy eating habits; but with support and encouragement, patients can make remarkable progress.

“Much of our society doesn’t know how to cook,” says Dr. Woodard. “We teach our patients to focus on small portions of lean protein, add vegetables and limit carbohydrates. It may take time to adjust to meaningful changes, but the results are life-saving.”

The top three causes of death in America — cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes — are all linked heavily to being overweight. Metabolic and bariatric surgical procedures have proven to be effective in the reduction of comorbid conditions related to severe obesity.

“My advice is don’t focus on clothing size or a number on the scale. The goal is better health,” says Dr. Pittman.

Delnor Hospital Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery is located on the Delnor Hospital campus in Suite 308 of the Medical Office Building, 302 Randall Road, Geneva. A planned new space, currently under construction at Delnor Hospital, will bring together all of the services and staff in one location. For additional information, please call 630.938.8014.

Central DuPage Hospital Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery is located in Outpatient Services, lower level, at Central DuPage Hospital, 25 N. Winfield Road, Winfield. For additional information please call 630.933.6745.