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Robotic Gynecological Surgery Offers Same-Day Discharge and Enhanced Recovery for Hysterectomy Patients

Shorter hospital stay also minimizes risk of COVID-19 exposure

Advancements in robotic surgery provide more options to women needing a hysterectomy. The minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, which uses the da Vinci Xi Surgical System®, allows for a same-day discharge and a return to most normal activities within two weeks.

The groundbreaking alternative means less pain, lower complication rates, smaller incisions and an overall faster recovery. In comparison, traditional hysterectomies require a two or three day hospital stay followed by a six to eight week recovery period. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, avoiding prolonged recovery within a hospital is appealing to many patients.

“Patients do not have to suffer during this pandemic when they have failed medical therapy or when they are not good candidates for medical management,” said Dana Elborno, MD, obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital. “This advanced technology gives us a safe modality to offer patients definitive management while minimizing their risk for admission and emergency room visits post-operatively.”

A hysterectomy requires complete removal of the uterus. There are several reasons why a woman may need the procedure, including heavy or painful periods, uterine fibroids, endometriosis or precancerous conditions of the uterus and cervix. Patients who are generally healthy, but have tried and failed with medical management for their symptoms, would all be considered good candidates for the robotic surgery.

Patients in DuPage County and its surrounding areas can meet with Dr. Elborno or Alexandra Rzepka, MD, obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital.

“We’re so excited to be able to offer this to our patients in an effort to minimize the chance of converting to an open procedure,” said Dr. Rzepka. “This enhances patients’ recovery and ability to get back to their lives quickly and safely, which is even more important now.”

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