17:00 PM

Northwestern Memorial Hospital joins elite group of hospitals to sign relationship-building agreement with the United Arab Emirates

Northwestern Memorial Hospital has been selected as a preferred provider of exceptional medical care for patients from the United Arab Emirates (UAE.) Northwestern Medicine joins a select network of leading US hospitals, including Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and Cleveland Clinic, that will provide specialized care to citizens of the UAE.

"These institutions provide 'best in class' care and treatment for patients,” said Ambassador Al Otaiba. “Through partnerships and continued collaboration with leading US hospitals, we will not only improve access to treatment for Emirati citizens, but also help the UAE enhance its own health care infrastructure."

Daniel Derman, MD, senior vice president for Northwestern Memorial HealthCare and leader of Northwestern Medicine International Health, along with other leaders from the international program joined the UAE Ambassador to the US, Yousef Al Otaiba, in Washington, DC, earlier this summer to sign the agreement.

As a preferred provider, Northwestern Medicine will provide advanced medical care to Emirati patients while also collaborating with their personal physicians to ensure continuity of care when the patients return to the UAE. Northwestern Medicine will also consult with counterparts in the UAE and share knowledge to strengthen the country’s hospital and healthcare system.

“Northwestern Medicine is recognized as one of the leading health care systems in the United States because of its commitment to quality and leading-edge care and breakthrough research. This reputation has made Northwestern a destination of choice for patients from around the world seeking advanced treatment,” said Dr. Derman. “We are honored to be selected as a preferred provider for the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, and we look forward to extending our Patients First mission to the Emirati citizens through advanced, well-coordinated care and knowledge sharing and collaboration with the country’s healthcare providers.”

Northwestern Medicine has long been a destination for patients from the UAE, as well as from other locations around the globe. To support global patients, Northwestern Medicine established its international health program. Northwestern Medicine International Health coordinates exceptional and compassionate healthcare while providing patients and their traveling companions with culturally sensitive and comprehensive services from the initial consultation through treatment and recovery. The program also arranges communication between the patient’s personal physician and Northwestern Medicine specialists, as well assisting with travel arrangements, appointment coordination, translation, worship, dietary needs and more.

For information on the Northwestern Medicine International Health, visit http://www.northwesterninternationalhealth.com/.