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Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center Completes $2.2 Million Upgrade

When patients step inside the Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center, they’ll enter a healing environment that’s been renovated with their specific needs in mind. In January, a $2.2 million upgrade was completed, bringing significant improvements to the facility to benefit patients and staff members.

“Simply put, we outgrew our prior space,” explains Kim Aldis, director of oncology services at Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center. “We needed more exam rooms and infusion bays to help reduce wait times for patients. Plus, the pharmacy also needed updates. The renovations have enhanced the efficiency and the beauty of the cancer center, and we’re extremely excited about the changes.”

The current Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center opened in 2010, bringing radiation and oncology services together under one roof in an integrated, comprehensive center. Renovations on the space started in May 2018, which included:

  • Installation of a video conferencing system for regular tumor board meetings with Northwestern Medicine physicians across the system
  • Complete upgrade of the pharmacy
  • New exam area for nurses’ station
  • Six additional exam rooms
  • New pharmacy nurses’ stations
  • New shared physician office space
  • Three additional infusion bays
  • New infusion bay furniture
  • New Radiology-Oncology waiting room, including furniture
  • New main registration desk, with individual privacy bays
  • New carpeting and flooring throughout the center

“Cancer patients can expect to receive world-class, comprehensive care right in their own backyard,” says Faisal Saghir, MD, medical oncologist with Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center.

The Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center offers state-of-the-art radiation therapies, chemotherapy, and numerous clinical trial options for patients. In addition, the Center provides full ancillary support from cancer navigation to genetic counseling, provision of social services and dietary advice.

“We are especially thrilled with the new video conferencing system,” adds Aldis. “This will allow providers in the west region to participate in disease specific tumor boards with specialty providers and oncologists throughout the Northwestern Medicine system.”

This means, the patient’s case, imaging and pathology will be reviewed by a team of Northwestern Medicine experts, working together to develop the best treatment plan. Patients won’t have to commute from the west region to downtown Chicago to have their case reviewed by a cancer specialist. Instead, the patient can stay in their own community, and receive the same service through the Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center.

“We collaborate with downtown Northwestern Memorial Hospital regularly. Being one of the only two NCI-Designated Cancer Centers in Illinois, it is a great resource for us,” says Dr. Saghir. “We are striving towards building the best cancer center west of Chicago.”

The Kishwaukee Hospital Cancer Center treats a wide range of cancers, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. To schedule an appointment, please call 815.756.5255.