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Northwestern Medicine Brings Comprehensive Fertility Care to Patients in the West Suburbs

Oakbrook Terrace, IL – In a constant effort to improve and expand access, Northwestern Medicine is bringing comprehensive fertility care to patients in the west suburbs by opening a new clinic in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.

The clinic opened on December 3, and is an extension of the Northwestern Medicine fertility care from downtown, featuring a full staff. With 15 years of professional experience, Tarun Jain, MD, is the medical director of Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, located at 2 Trans Am Plaza, Suite 400, Oakbrook Terrace.

“Nearly one in eight couples have difficulty getting pregnant, and we are committed to providing individualized, empathetic and world-class fertility care for all,” says Dr. Jain.

The board-certified physicians at Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine offer innovative, effective solutions for a wide range of conditions. Part of the #1 hospital in Illinois, they are proud to support all individuals and families on their paths to parenthood. They promise personalized, comprehensive and compassionate care. The new Oakbrook Terrace clinic offers a full range of fertility services, along with consultations, follow-up appointments, ultrasounds, blood work and semen analyses.

“For those living in the west, we understand it can be an inconvenience to drive downtown for follow-up appointments – especially when they can happen several days or weeks in a row,” says Dr. Jain. “This new clinic will save patients so much time and stress on the road. Our goal is to walk them through the fertility process in the most comfortable environment, make their access to services as smooth as possible, and give them the best outcome.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment at the Oakbrook Terrace clinic, call 630.545.3766. To learn more about Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, visit fertility.nm.org.