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New Procedure Center provides better access for patients at Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital

Electromyogram, radiology, fluoroscopy and endoscopy available

Marianjoy Procedure Center Nerve Conduction Test

By combining inpatient and outpatient services into a new Procedure Center, Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital is improving and increasing access for patients with complex medical issues. The new 2,900-square-foot center, located on the first floor of Marianjoy’s inpatient hospital, features multiple exam, procedure and recovery rooms.

Services in the Procedure Center include electromyogram (EMG), radiology, video fluoroscopic studies, and endoscopic exams for swallowing and voice evaluations. Additionally, the radiology suite and a new fluoroscopy C-arm were moved from the outpatient location to the newly renovated area.

“This has been one of the most transformative projects at Marianjoy,” said Susan Brady, vice president at Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. “Inpatients will no longer have to be transported over to the outpatient building for these exams, easing the healing process.”

The new center has four dedicated electromyogram rooms to support the growing demands for EMG in the west suburbs. The diagnostic procedure can assess the health of muscles and nerve response by recording the electrical activity of muscle tissue at rest and during activity.

“EMG and nerve conduction tests play an integral part in the diagnosis of a nerve-related pathology causing either weakness, pain or numbness in a patient. It usually is an extension of the clinical examination as well as neuro-imaging studies, and helps clinicians diagnose and treat the condition,” said Dolly Devara, MD, physical medicine and rehabilitation physician at Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital.

The larger space increases capacity for video fluoroscopic swallowing studies and endoscopic exams for swallowing, making it possible to offer tests to more adults and pediatric patients. Video fluoroscopic swallowing study systems record an X-ray of the individual's entire swallowing process in a continuous motion picture format. Endoscopic exams involve inserting a small camera and light into the throat to view and video the swallowing and vocal process. In early 2024, the new Procedure Center will offer epidural injection procedures.

“As we designed this new space, we put our patients’ needs front and center,” said Anne Lindstrom, director of operations at Northwestern Medicine Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital. “There is a growing need for these services in our area, and we are pleased to put more resources toward the testing and procedures that will help improve our patients’ quality of life.”

To schedule a test visit Northwestern Medicine Procedure Center at Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital | Northwestern Medicine or call 630-933-5000.