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New Family Medicine Residency Program at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital Addresses Need for Primary Care Doctors

As the population continues to grow and age in the Fox River Valley, so does the need for more primary care doctors. The new Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency at Delnor Hospital is training medical residents in the local community, among a diverse population of young and old, inpatient and outpatient, urban and rural.

Medical residents are qualified, licensed physicians who have completed medical school and are receiving training in a specialized area. In July, the first group of eight Family Medicine residents began treating patients, under the guidance of a faculty physician, at the new Family Residency Clinic, located on the campus of Delnor Hospital in Geneva, Ill. Residents also see patients at Delnor Hospital, the inpatient pediatric unit at Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield, Ill., and they make house calls. By 2021, the program will grow to 24 residents.

“Family medicine is an essential component of the overall health delivery system and is often the most personalized care that patients receive,” said Deborah Clements, MD, FAAFP, chair of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Family and Community Medicine. “We recruit residents to the program with the goal of retaining them as future primary care physicians in the region.”

Accessible and high-quality primary care services are vital to a community. In areas where there are more primary care providers per person, death rates for cancer, heart disease, and stroke are lower and people are less likely to require hospitalization, according to the American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP).

Location was one of the major reasons Evan Hale, DO, a native of Princeton, Ill., chose the Delnor program.

“My goal is to remain in the area and ensure patients have access to the full continuity of care that a family medicine physician offers,” said Dr. Hale. “A family medicine physician is the quarterback of your health care team. He or she knows your whole history, not just a snapshot and will care for you and your family from birth to death.”

Shaheen Jadidi, DO, a native of Wilmette, says he was impressed by the rich history and tradition of family medicine in the tri-city area.

“I didn’t want to leave the greater Chicago-area, and I knew within a minute of visiting the Delnor campus this was the perfect program for me,” said Dr. Jadidi. “With the Northwestern University affiliation, world-class physicians and the gorgeous new clinic, this is a dream come true for me.”

The Delnor Family Residency Building, located at 298 Randall Road, Geneva, Ill., was designed with patients and education in mind, providing exam rooms and instructional space that a typical clinic does not have. It is the only residency program in the western suburbs with the program sponsor and clinic in the same location.

“Residents are an integral part of the team, and they’re the youngest and most up-to-date physicians out there,” said Natalie Choi, MD, FAAFP, program director of Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency at Delnor. “In an era of increasing sub-specialization, these residents retain the broad spectrum of training.”

According to the AAFP, a shortage of more than 52,000 primary care physicians is predicted by 2025. Experts are calling for an increase in the proportion of physicians in the U.S. practicing primary care from 32% to 40%.

“We believe new doctors who train in our local community will develop strong connections to the region; and many will choose to establish their practices here ensuring access to primary care physicians for generations to come,” said Maureen Bryant, president, Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital.

Northwestern University offers three Family Medicine Residency programs accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education -- Delnor Hospital, Lake Forest Hospital and Erie Family Health Center in Chicago’s Humboldt Park.

To make an appointment at the Northwestern Medicine Family Medicine Clinic, please call please call 630.283.8260, TTY 711.
Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency at Delnor Hospital