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New Center for Comprehensive Gynecology Opens at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Multi-disciplinary approach provides the highest level of gynecologic care

CHICAGO – After several years of infertility, a friend referred Umang Singh to a doctor at Northwestern with a reputation as an expert in minimally invasive surgery.

“I had stage four endometriosis that was diagnosed by Magdy Milad, MD,” the medical director of Northwestern Medicine’s new Center for Comprehensive Gynecology, Singh said. “He was a pioneer in small-incision laparoscopy, and treated me with a surgery that barely left a scar.”

Thirteen years and three children later, she returned to Dr. Milad after a gynecologist suggested the best way to deal with recurring endometriosis was a radical hysterectomy. Dr. Milad again offered a minimally invasive approach.

“I am proud and eternally grateful to Dr. Milad for providing me a less radical solution to my problem,” she said.

On July 17, Northwestern Medicine opened the new Center for Comprehensive Gynecology, a multi-disciplinary group that includes minimally invasive gynecologic surgeons, physical therapists, interventional radiologists and psychologists.

“We really built this center with the patient in mind, treating more complex gynecologic conditions with respect, compassion and collaboration between not only different medical specialties but between doctors and patients,” said Dr. Milad, who is also the Albert B. Gerbie, MD, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “Our team is comprised of skilled surgeons and expert physicians and clinical staff who regularly treat, often in a minimally invasive way, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine abnormalities, tubal disease and other conditions.”

Serdar Bulun, MD, chair of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, said the Center for Comprehensive Gynecology is designed to work closely with the robust and experienced team of obstetricians and gynecologists who already work in and with the Northwestern Medicine network.

“The Center for Comprehensive Gynecology is the next evolution in our mission to treat women across the spectrum of their lives, from adolescence through their reproductive years through menopause,” said Dr. Bulun, who is also the John J. Sciarra professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Feinberg. “We are excited to bring the most leading-edge technology to our patients combined with highly-skilled, compassionate physicians and clinical staff.”

Physicians from different disciplines will also work together on research and medical training and education for the next generation of gynecologists.

The Center for Comprehensive Gynecology is located at 259 E. Erie St., Suite 2450, across from Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine.

For patients like Singh, finding treatment options that were minimally invasive and effective was a relief.

“We never even talked about these medical issues until we had to talk about them,” Singh said. “There is help for almost everything.”

To learn more about the Center for Comprehensive Gynecology, or to make an appointment, visit ccgyn.nm.org or call 312.694.6447.