17:00 PM

LivingWell Cancer Resource Center to Resume In-Person Services

LivingWell Cancer Resource Center, part of Northwestern Medicine, will resume most in-person services on Monday, May 2, 2022. Since March 2020, all in-person classes and services were only offered virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Located at 442 Williamsburg Ave. in Geneva, Ill., the center provides counseling and social work services, support groups, fitness, yoga, art, nutrition classes, wig boutique, and more to patients with cancer, their caregivers and family.

Starting in May, programs and services will be available in the following formats:

· Individual and family counseling: in-person and virtual
· Support groups: in-person and virtual
· Touch therapies (massage, reflexology, reiki and facials): in-person
· Art classes: in-person and virtual
· Fitness and yoga classes: in-person and virtual
· Nutrition classes: virtual
· Medical and educational presentations: virtual
· Wig boutique: virtual

“We are excited to bring back the in-person aspect of our services while continuing to offer virtual and hybrid formats,” said Angela McCrum, director of the LivingWell Cancer Resource Center. “Providing virtual and hybrid formats extends the geographical reach LivingWell experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic and allows individuals with transportation barriers or health concerns the ability to still participate.”

When LivingWell is fully staffed with volunteers and social distancing is no longer a concern, nutrition classes, the wig boutique and medical/educational presentations will be available as hybrid (in-person and virtual) offerings. All programs and services are provided free of charge.

Learn more at https://livingwellcrc.org/.