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LivingWell Cancer Resource Center Offers Spanish-Speaking Support Group

LivingWell Cancer Resource Center, a part of Northwestern Medicine, recently launched a Spanish-speaking support group to help people going through cancer treatment connect without the worry of language being a barrier.

Working through a cancer diagnosis is often difficult for both patients and caregivers. Support groups can help people connect with others going through a similar experience, as well as process the thoughts and feelings tied to it.

“We identified a need for services for our Spanish-speaking community members impacted by a cancer diagnosis,” said Nancy Nieto, LPC, NCC, a bilingual counselor and facilitator of the support group. “People can often feel more comfortable when they’re able to connect with someone who comes from a similar background and speaks the same language as them, especially when going through a period in their life where they may feel more vulnerable.”

Support groups provide a dedicated time and place for a person to talk through the challenges they’re facing, as well as minimize feelings of isolation or distress after being diagnosed with cancer.

“We hope attendees feel supported and can find meaningful connections with others who have been affected by cancer so they don’t feel like they are facing it alone,” Nieto said.

The support group takes place virtually at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month. Although LivingWell is based in Geneva, Ill., anyone within the state of Illinois can attend the virtual group.

To register and receive a link to join the virtual discussion, email counseling@livingwellcrc.org including your first and last name and “grupo de español” in your subject line.

Para recibir un enlace para unirse, envíe un correo electrónico a counseling@livingwellcrc.org e incluya su nombre y apellido y “grupo de español” en su línea de asunto.

The LivingWell Cancer Resource Center provides counseling and social work services, support groups, fitness, yoga, art, nutrition classes, and more to newly diagnosed patients with cancer and their families. All programs and services are provided free of charge. Learn more at https://livingwellcrc.org/.