17:00 PM

Centegra to Offer Nursing Residency Program

Starting August 2017, Centegra Health System will bring the Centegra Health System Nursing Residency Program to the local community. The nursing residency will provide the highest level of support for new graduate nurses throughout their first year as Centegra Associates. Centegra’s nursing residency will have cohorts twice a year, starting August 2017. All new graduate nurses will be hired through the nurse residency program.
Residents will include all new graduate registered nurses with less than one year of acute care experience and less than two years of long-term care experience. The program will be one year in length, and the residency will include hospital orientation and specialty training courses. Clinical orientation will be tailored to the needs of the new graduate nurse based on assessment of clinical needs.
Core content will be provided in structured monthly seminars that last a minimum of four hours. Residents will have access to hospital experts and resident facilitators. In addition, content experts will educate nurse residents about their specialty areas. All residents will complete an evidence-based practice project to enhance clinical practice.
Residents will be expected to attend and actively participate in all residency seminars and learning activities. They also will need to promote a culture of professionalism and complete all requirements of the program within the first year of employment.
The Casey-Fink Graduate Nurse Experience Survey, which is used to collect feedback from new nurses, has shown that new nurses are most successful with a structured program to transition them into nursing practice. Studies also have shown that new graduates who are part of a nurse residency program believe they receive more support than those who are not.