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New Robotic Surgery System Arrives at Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital

McHenry Hospital acquires the newest version of the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system for complex minimally invasive surgery

Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital is the most recent Northwestern Medicine hospital to offer patients the da Vinci Xi — a robotic surgical system that allows surgeons to perform complex minimally invasive surgeries with precision.

“The Xi robotic platform has been an exceptional tool for minimally invasive surgery. It overcomes the challenges of the past in terms of energy devices for dissection, visualization, set-up and operating room efficiency,” said Veronica Guerrero, MD, bariatric surgery at Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital. “This translates to patient care with more precision, decreased blood loss, decreased pain and an overall decrease in open surgeries which we know can lead to increase in pain, complications and recovery time.”

To use the da Vinci Xi, surgeons sit at a nearby console to view 3-D images of the surgical site. Using the controls, the surgeon can move the robotic instruments with accuracy, stability and dexterity through small surgical incisions.

John Rosenthal, 54, from Algonquin, recently had surgery using the technology to treat a hernia at McHenry Hospital. “I was in constant pain and knew that surgery would be the only option to fix it,” Rosenthal explained. “I was able to go home a few hours after the procedure, and I’m on my way to getting around better without the constant pain holding me back.”

While the hospital had great success by using an earlier version of the da Vinci robotic surgical system, the new system allows surgeons to perform even more advanced and complicated surgeries that are still minimally invasive. It includes smaller, thinner arms and greater range of motion for more defined technique and precision.

Additionally, the new system provides:

• Anatomical access from virtually any position, enabling placement of the surgical cart at any position around the patient;
• Digital optics mounted at the tip of the scope, allowing the surgeon and or staff to see anatomical structures with crystal‐clear definition and natural colors;
• Advanced instrumentation, surgical skills simulation, future software upgrades and other innovations in one dynamic platform.

The system advancements allow for more advanced /complicated cases to be completed minimally invasively.

“Offering the newest version of this minimally invasive surgery option closer to home for our patients will further enhance the patient experience for those requiring surgical care,” said Kristina Whitmore, vice president, operations at Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital. “Patients tend to recover quicker, which can help ease the patient stress and anxiety preparing for their procedure.”

Other Northwestern Medicine hospitals that are using one or more da Vinci Xi robotic surgery systems, including Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital.

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