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Moxi the robot delivers valentines and medications to staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital


A fleet of four robots is at work to automate tasks for laboratory and pharmacy professionals

Moxi with members of the pharmacy team

Chicago- If you can’t tell from the heart eyes, Moxi the robot is loving its new job at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Since December, Moxi has helped hospital teams fetch supplies, deliver lab samples and pick up medicines from the pharmacy. Staff can load items—including valentines—into Moxi’s secure compartments, and then the robot is off for delivery.

So far, Moxi has run over 800 errands, saving the hospital’s pharmacy and laboratory teams more than 400,000 steps.

“I’ve definitely noticed that our technicians have had more time to be in the central pharmacy and work on their skills in the cleanrooms,” says Kenneth Konkol, pharmacy technician at Northwestern Memorial. “Moxi is out there doing deliveries instead of them having to walk around the hospital.”

Moxi uses sensors and machine learning technology to map out the hospital floor. Its extendable arm allows it to navigate multiple types of doors and even the elevator. 

Manisha Patel, program director of laboratory services at Northwestern Medicine, says Moxi not only improves her team’s efficiency, it boosts morale: “Moxi brings a sight of refreshment…so that they can see their voice is being heard, their issues are being addressed, and we’re looking at it from a more innovative perspective.”

 While Moxi doesn’t directly interact with patients, the robot still makes a difference in their care.

Moxi with Kyle Babick, RN, clinical operations coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

 “Moxi has done a wonderful job of delivering our chemotherapy and immunotherapy in a speedier route than previously with humans walking it over,” says Kyle Babick, RN, clinical operations coordinator at Northwestern Memorial. “So, it has made a great impact not only for nurses, but also for our patients.” 

Northwestern Memorial currently has a fleet of four Moxi robots, which is part of an initiative from the Northwestern Medicine Mansueto Innovation Institute to bring clinical automation and robotics to the health system.

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