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Familial Connections Create Special Birth Story for Northwestern Medicine Security Manager and Generational Family of Physicians

Dr. Hussey Sr. at Chris' Birth

Winfield, Ill. - Chris Garza and his wife, Caitlin, of Aurora were ecstatic at the prospect of welcoming their first daughter into the world.

Chris, a security operations manager at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, was born at Central DuPage. Caitlin had worked in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) there for three years. “Our family is Northwestern purple through and through, so we knew we wanted our daughter born at Central DuPage Hospital,” said Chris.

As a high-risk pregnancy, Caitlin was watched closely by her maternal-fetal medicine team at Northwestern Medicine. About four weeks before her due date, she wasn’t feeling well and went to see her obstetrician (OB) on her lunch break, who then sent her to labor and delivery to get checked out.

“About an hour later, my OB walked into labor and delivery and told us we were going to have our baby before we went home,” said Caitlin. Thirty-six hours later, Clare Florence Garza was born.

To make the moment even more special, Chris learned that the obstetrician who had delivered Clare, Kevin Hussey, MD, was the son of the obstetrician who had delivered Chris at Central DuPage Hospital more than 30 years prior. After finding an old photo of his mother with Michael Hussey Sr., MD, at his birth, Chris shared the photo with Clare’s doctor.

“He could not have been more excited to see the photo of his dad,” Chris said. After chatting with a nurse, the Garzas learned that the senior Hussey had passed away only a few months prior.Clare and Dr. Hussey

“My father had continued to perform deliveries at Central DuPage well into his 80s,” said Dr. Kevin Hussey. “He had a long career and had an impact on every family he worked with. Seeing the photo of Chris’ mother with him was a hugely special moment for me so soon after his passing.”

Dr. Hussey credits his father with inspiring him and his brother to pursue medicine. His brother, Michael Hussey Jr., MD, also works at Central DuPage Hospital in maternal-fetal medicine. He says, “It would be a dream to be able to make as much of an impact as he did during his career.”

Now, at three months old, Clare is doing better than ever. She was discharged from the NICU after six days. “Her middle name, Florence, is a family name, but also is in honor of Florence Nightingale. While Clare can do anything she chooses in her life, she will have a lot of purple support and encouragement behind her. I know a career here may be in her future,” says Chris.

See photos of the Garzas and the Husseys here. To learn more about Northwestern Medicine, visit nm.org.